Spot Instances - Fast GitHub actions for the budget conscious

12 April 20244 minute read

WarpBuild is excited to announce the launch of our new spot instance runners for GitHub Actions, offering a significant cost advantage to developers. These spot instances are 62.5% cheaper than regular GitHub actions runner instances and 25% less expensive than our standard WarpBuild runners. This makes them an ideal choice for budget-conscious teams and individuals who need flexible, powerful CI/CD solutions without a hefty price tag.

Key Features of WarpBuild Spot Instances

Cost-Effective: Enjoy substantial savings with spot instances that cost significantly less compared to standard runners.

Usage: Runners are named using the format warp-<os>-<version>-<arch>-<cpu>x-spot, making them easy to identify and integrate into your workflows.

Seamless Configuration: Setting up a spot instance follows the same straightforward process as our standard instances, ensuring a smooth transition and no learning curve. These are 100% compatible with GitHub hosted runners.

Optimized for Non-Critical Tasks: These instances are perfect for short, interruptible tasks. They're not recommended for critical deployments that can’t afford interruptions, such as prod application updates, tofu apply etc.

Pricing and Configurations

These runners provide the best value for your CI/CD needs while being extremely fast. Here’s a quick look at our configurations:

Runner TagCPUMemoryStoragePriceAliases
warp-ubuntu-latest-x64-2x-spot2 vCPU7GB150GB SSD$0.003/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-x64-2x-spot
warp-ubuntu-latest-x64-4x-spot4 vCPU16GB150GB SSD$0.006/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-x64-4x-spot
warp-ubuntu-latest-x64-8x-spot8 vCPU32GB150GB SSD$0.012/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-x64-8x-spot
warp-ubuntu-latest-x64-16x-spot16 vCPU64GB150GB SSD$0.024/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-x64-16x-spot
warp-ubuntu-latest-x64-32x-spot30 vCPU120GB150GB SSD$0.048/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-x64-32x-spot
warp-ubuntu-latest-arm64-2x-spot2 vCPU7GB150GB SSD$0.00225/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-arm64-2x-spot
warp-ubuntu-latest-arm64-4x-spot4 vCPU16GB150GB SSD$0.0045/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-arm64-4x-spot
warp-ubuntu-latest-arm64-8x-spot8 vCPU32GB150GB SSD$0.09/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-arm64-8x-spot
warp-ubuntu-latest-arm64-16x-spot16 vCPU64GB150GB SSD$0.018/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-arm64-16x-spot
warp-ubuntu-latest-arm64-32x-spot32 vCPU128GB150GB SSD$0.036/minutewarp-ubuntu-2204-arm64-32x-spot

You can find out more about our runners here


WarpBuild's spot instances offer an unmatched blend of performance, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness for your GitHub Actions workflows. Whether you're managing build/test cycles, automation tasks, or any CI/CD operations, our runners provide a reliable and affordable solution. Embrace the power of spot instances and optimize your development cycle efficiently and economically.

For more details and to start integrating WarpBuild spot instances into your CI/CD pipelines, visit our website, email us, or schedule a call.

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