Fast MacOS runners for GitHub Actions

28 January 20242 minute read

WarpBuild now supports MacOS GitHub Actions runners on M2 Pros with 6vCPU and 14GB memory. On paper, this is comparable to the M1 powered macos-13-xlarge runners by GitHub but are 25% faster and 50% cheaper, with the same tools pre-installed.

This is interesting for the following reasons:

  1. Because managing Mac infra is a hassle. There are no orchestration mechanisms available for managing fleets of Mac instances.
  2. Ephemeral runners for clean and reproducible builds are challenging to maintain.
  3. GitHub runners are slow and pricey.
  4. Build concurrency on MacOS instances is limited.

WarpBuild addresses these challenges with the ability to run ephemeral VMs that can process GitHub actions workflows in a fast and secure manner. More details on the MacOS instance configuration is in the docs here.

You can get started with using MacOS instances on WarpBuild by changing the runner to warp-macos-latest-arm64-6x in the GitHub workflow file.

Our customers use WarpBuild MacOS runners for iOS and Mac app builds. They are seeing benefits of 25-70% reduction in build time, resulting in up to 85% reduction in cost per job. We're very excited to make it broadly available for everyone to use.

WarpBuild supports macos-13 and macos-14 runners.

Runner TagCPUMemoryStoragePriceAliases
warp-macos-latest-arm64-6x6 vCPU14GB64GB SSD$0.08/minutewarp-macos-13-arm64-6x
warp-macos-14-arm64-6x6 vCPU14GB64GB SSD$0.08/minute

We are on a mission to build the world's fastest CI cloud. I’d love your feedback on the product and thoughts on your biggest challenges with CI workflows that you’d like to see addressed.

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